The "bAwear Score" tool is designed to make the calculation of the environmental footprint of textile products easier, more reliable, more transparent, more cost efficient and less time consuming. It enables companies to create better insights and make credible claims about the footprint of products or processes. It also enables recipients of this information such as buyers/procurers/consumers to better understand and verify the information.

The tool offers 3 different solutions to calculate the LCA, where the depth and accuracy of the input data is the main differentiating factor.

WHAT IS A LCA? LCA Life Cycle Analyses is a method for mapping the impact of products and human activities on the environment. ... LCA looks at the whole life cycle of a product or activity. From the extraction of raw materials through production and (re)use to waste disposal. Special calculation models are used.


Do you want a quick insight into the impact of a product and compare it to another product? For example, because you've chosen a more sustainable material or a different finish or colouring technique? Then use YourQuestion to quickly calculate and compare impact.


If there is a need for a more detailed calculation based on your own supply chain data, YourScenario is the best solution. By using primary data from your suppliers, we create a detailed LCA report of your product and scenario.

YourScenario offers a complete LCA report of your product in 5 steps:

  1. Kick-off meeting with our experts
  2. Data collection by your company
  3. Data assessment by our experts
  4. Data processing and calculation
  5. Standard or personalized LCA report


Specific insight into the hotspots of your supply chain can be obtained with YourHotspot. After calculation, you will receive a personal report on, for example, CO2 footprint or energy consumption of a particular process or part of your supply chain.


  • How can I start?
    • In order to start creating your first insights with YourQuestion, you need to create a login on the bAwear score platform and purchase your first credit(s). You can create a login here.
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  • For YourScenario or YourHotspot, please contact us at
  • How much does a calculation cost?
    • YourQuestion: €50,-
    • YourScenario: €300,-
    • YourHotspot: €150,-

For a YourQuestion calculation, you need to purchase credits on the bAwear platform.

A YourQuestion calculation and comparison costs 1 credit.
You can also purchase a bundle of credits with a discount.

  • 1 Credit: €50,00- per credit
  • 10 Credits: €45,00- per credit
  • 50 Credits: €37,50- per credit
  • 100 Credits: €32,50- per credit
  • 250 Credits: €25,00- per credit

The YourScenario and YourHotspot calculations are invoiced afterwards and follow an onboarding with the bAwear team.

  • Where can I find additional support?
    • Please contact Florence via

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